Welcome to SUDO Speak, a site devoted to strengthening and opening the lines of communication between two very different fields: management and software engineering. While I cannot profess that advice I give is applicable to all disciplines of engineering, there tends to be a large commonality between engineers in different areas.

The analytical, detail oriented mind of an engineer often times comes at odds with the larger world-view of management. Because of this, new decisions by management tend to meet opposition if not presented in a way that is logical, concise, and thorough. Many other disciplines in an organization have their own idiosyncrasies which don’t fall into this area, though may manifest themselves in similar situations.

I implore you to read on, see what I have to say, and honestly ask yourself the question: Can my staff understand me? Or from the engineer’s side: “Why can’t my managers understand what I’m trying to tell them?”

I welcome comments and suggestions, so please feel free to discuss, debate or merely make a comment.

Thank you for coming!